PDA Resources and Links
Last updated: March 26, 2001

  • About: A general PDA page with a large medical section.

  • Comparisons of Clinical Applications: Compares several medical applications including drug references, medical information databases, and medical calculators.

  • Dr.Cooper.com: This site has great links and allows the reader to select English or French.

  • eMedStud.com: This site has only three applications for medical students available.

  • ePocrates: Our favorite PDA drug reference. Check out our review.

  • Hand Held Med: A great site to find standard text references that you want on your PDA

  • Healthy Palm Pilot : A highly recommended site with hundreds of medical software applications available for the Palm OS.

  • Mdtool: A simple clean site that has palm applications for sale and for free.

  • Nursing and PDAs: A mediocre site with information on nurses and the use of PDAs.

  • Palm Gear: Has everything, free programs, accessories, and PDAs.

  • PEPID: The Portable Emergency Physician Information Database is a great reference for NPs in the ER or in Walk-In-Clinics. Check out our review or JAMAs. PEPID now has its Toxicology section available for free.

  • PDA MD.com: A mediocre site with some product reviews and medical software available.

  • RNPalm: Has multiple nursing applications for PDAs. This is the only nursing PDA site that we have found.

  • Statcoder.com: Statcoder has programs for ICD-9, E and M, and CPT coding. In addition they have programs on cardiac risk and child growth charts for your PDA


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