Review of qID for PDAs
by Robert Smithing, MSN, FNP

This is a custom-built infectious disease application designed specifically for Palm OS handheld devices. Fast and comprehensive, qID helps you find antimicrobial recommendations in a concise and clinically relevant format at the point of care. In addition, qID works with ePocrates qRx, allowing you to get detailed drug information quickly and easily.

With data on over 400 bugs and 400 drugs, qID helps you narrow down your diagnosis within seconds, allowing you to search for antimicrobial recommendations by location, drug or bug. You can look up empiric or specific drug therapies, depending on whether your culture results have returned. If you need more information about the drug, simply tap the name and you instantly launch into qRx for more comprehensive drug information such as adverse reactions, contraindications, and drug interactions. By clicking “back” you return instantly to qID.

Concise and authoritative, qID provides you with gold-standard infectious disease information from academic specialists from across the country. Developed in collaboration with infectious disease specialists, the information is compiled and distilled from peer-reviewed literature, guidelines, and other reference sources and communicated to you in a concise and clinician-friendly format.

Cost: Free

Memory: Roughly 450 K (0.5 MB)

To get more information on this product go to: qID

Last updated: May 9, 2001


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