Review of iScribe i5000 for PDAs
by Marty Couret, MSN, NP

iScribe is making it simple for nurse practitioners to begin using PDAs to perform electronic prescribing. With a minimal investment, even an office with a small budget can afford to use the i5000. The software and technical support are free. All that is needed is a PDA, a printer, and an infrared sensor for the printer. The i5000 program was specifically designed for the Palm Operating System and is very easy to install on your PDA. iScribe has several different tutorials for the new user to facilitate the transfer from hand written paper prescriptions to electronic printed prescriptions.

The program itself requires that four fields be entered for each patient. This can be done at the beginning of the day or at point of care. Having all the patient information already entered before the patient interaction decreases prescription writing time. The true power of this program is realized after writing just a few prescriptions. After the patient is selected a quick list of your favorite drugs are displayed with a code that states whether the medication is covered by the patients insurance. Select the medication and your favorite sig is displayed. The last step is to beam the information to the printer. It is still necessary to sign the prescription. Of particular interest is the sticker at the bottom of the page with the entire prescription information. Remove the sticker and place it in the chart for continuity of care. As an added bonus iScribe has included an ICD-9 coding reference.

This is an intuitive program to use that saves time by preventing call backs due to scrawl, incorrect doses, and dispensing the wrong amount. The i5000 is the first step in the quest for simple electronic prescriptions. iScribe also has fantastic technical support. This product is highly recommended for nurse practitioners looking to streamline their prescription writing capabilities.

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Last updated: July 17, 2001


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