Review of A to Z Drug Facts
by Marty Couret, MSN, NP

Facts & Comparisons, a leader in drug information, has developed a medication reference for PDAs. A to Z Drug Facts packs more than 3000 commonly prescribed medications into your PDA while only using 1.4 MB of memory. With powerful and convenient functions like unlabeled uses, lab test interferences, and mechanism of action this drug reference is ideal for seasoned health care provider. A to Z Drug Facts has much of the simplicity of ePocrates with a wealth of additional information for the user.

This program is not without difficulties. Problems arise when dosing and dosing forms are needed for particular medications. For example, if the user is interested in dosing forms of Nasacort, it would be necessary to scroll through multiple drugs containing triamcinalone. Perhaps just as befuddling is the challenge of dosing. When Nasacort dosing is selected, the same dosing page is brought up for all triamcinalone products, the oral triamcinalone doses are listed first. The dose for Nasacort is on the 13th line of the screen, just below the dose for Azmacort. While this is an uncommon problem, it is incredibly frustrating for the time conscious healthcare provider when it occurs. Another difficulty is the challenge of keeping medical information current. For example no where in the Lotronex information does it mention that is has been pulled from the US market.

The A to Z Drug Facts is an intuitive program to use. It has advanced clinically relevant information compared to other medical references available for PDAs. However, the program could use some refinement. A one year license including monthly downloads is $79.95.

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Last updated: September 5, 2001


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