5 Minute Clinical Consult
by Marty Couret, MSN, NP

5 Minute Clinical Consult (5MCC) captures the enormous size of the well-respected Griffith’s text and reduces it down into the palm of your hand. 5MCC covers more than 1000 clinical topics. Over 500 expanded clinical topics are neatly broken down into sections labeled as “smARTtabs” that appear on the right side of the screen:

For each expanded clinical topic:
Basics: Gives the general outline
Diagnosis: Provides a differential diagnosis
Treatment: Discusses general treatment measures including diet, activity, and surgical measures
Medications: Displays the gold-standard medications, dose, and frequency
Follow Up: Discusses patient monitoring, prevention, complications, expected, and prognosis
Miscellaneous:Provides associated conditions, age related factors, and pregnancy information.

Of particular interest is the ability to link the Lexidrugs medication reference directly from the 5MCC section. While 5MCC itself provides adequate treatment information providing drugs of choice and standard treatment protocols, this remarkable function allows the provider to switch over to Lexidrugs. Despite how convenient this function is, it is easy to unintentionally to get stuck in Lexidrugs. Should this happen, it is necessary to reopen 5MCC.

5MCC is an extremely useful and user-friendly program. It is quite possibly the most well organized medical reference database to date.

Last updated: June 6, 2001


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