Clinical Tips with an Emergency Twist
by Kathleen F. Kleiver, MSN, CEN, ARNP

Ring Removal Using Umbilical Tape:

Have you ever had a patient present in the office because they are unable to remove a ring? Before you reach for the ring cutter, this removal tip may salvage a ring and in turn produce a very satisfied patient.

Supplies---curved hemostat, approximately 12" umbilical tape

Take hemostat and place one end of the umbilical tape under the ring and pull approximately 1-˝ " of the tape from under the ring and leave that part of the tape hanging above ring.

Next, start wrapping the umbilical tape around the finger tightly from below the ring and proceed downward toward distal end of finger. Be careful to make sure the umbilical tape doesn’t overlap, but at the same time covers all the finger. (You will notice the finger turning slightly dusky, but this is necessary to compress the tissue so the ring will slip over the finger)

After the finger has been wrapped from below the ring to the distal tip, take hold of the 1-˝" tape above the ring and start unwinding the tape, causing the tape to move the ring downward over the knuckle.

***This tip should not be used on a finger where there is concern that a fracture may be present.

Last updated:  June 12, 2000


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