Handy Tips by Exami-Gowns

Exami-Gowns' OB/GYN Gown:

Exami-Gowns prides itself on providing the most dignified styled gowns for women when an OB/GYN exam is necessary.

  1. Our OB/GYN gown can be opened in the back by using the hook and loop closure at the back neckline and thus allow the health provider to completely examine the neck, back, lower back and underarms of the patient. The closure is then reattached.

  2. The second part of the examination, namely the upper front torso of the patient, can easily be performed by simply opening the hook and loop closures so that the front of the neck, the breasts, underarms, and abdomen can be completely examined. When this portion of the examination is finished, all closures are reattached, and the woman remains fully covered.

  3. Should a pelvic examination be necessary, the gown's design provides a pleat in the front, which opens to become a "drape sheet" or tent over the knees. The patient should be asked to not sit on the back of the gown, but simply allow the fullness of the gown to be draped over her knees. With the patient's feet in the stirrups, the woman now has complete coverage of her upper body.

  4. Should a sonogram be desired or necessary, the patient can have a sonogram performed and remain fully covered. The health provider will be able to access the abdomen by opening the middle hook and loop closure in the front of the gown.

Updated April 1, 2001


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