Handy Tips by Exami-Gowns

Exami-Gowns' Mammography Top:

Exami-Gowns' mammography tops are designed to provide full coverage for women when a breast exam is necessary.

  1. There is no need for a woman to disrobe completely! She can slip one arm out of the top, use the lower hook and loop closure to secure the top in place on her body, and still be able to place her arm and body in the mammography machine for the proper examination. This procedure is then reversed for the other breast to be examined.

  2. Exami-Gowns also recognizes that women are not all "one size", thus Exami-Gowns offers two sizes:, Large fits petite to approx. 200 lbs. and the 4X size fits 200 to 400 lbs.

  3. Of course, should a patient be wearing a dress instead of a two-piece outfit, Exami-Gowns offers a full-length Wrap-Around Gown as an alternative choice.

  4. Most women feel some apprehension when they are going to have a mammography exam. Wearing a comfortable, attractive cloth top can help the patient to feel a little less stressful about this situation.

Updated April 15, 2001


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