Portable Emergency Physician Information Database
by Marty Couret, MSN, NP

PEPID (Portable Emergency Physician Information Database) is a medical reference tool designed with emergency personnel in mind. With over 40 specialists contributing to its development, this comprehensive database provides an wide array of information. PEPID includes information concerning diagnosis, signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, and treatment for both common and extremely rare conditions.

Learning how to navigate through PEPID took about 15 minutes. The Table of Contents (TOC) includes general topics such as Trauma, Organ Systems, Resuscitation, Specialties, and Drugs. These general topics then get more specific as you go from page to page. For example selecting Drugs takes you to a listing of conditions you may be treating. This listing includes Anesthesia, Dermatology, Pain, and infections. The Drugs section has over 1000 commonly used drugs and also contains important information on Overdoses and Antidotes as well as current information on Immunizations and Vaccinations. The Drugs section even contains facts on commonly abused drugs and their street names. There is even a section on prescribing for pregnant patients.

I found that when looking for something specific, it was easier for me to use the Alphabetical Index. This index allows you to key in the first three letters of what you are looking for, and then takes you to a listing of words that start with those letters.

The convenience of PEPID lies in its portability and ease of use. The entire reference fits into your palmtop/hand held computer. Should it be inconvenient for you to carry a palmtop computer, PEPID can also be installed on your laptop or your PC. Information is also updated regularly and is available via email, PEPIDs web site, or disk.

The advantages of this product are its comprehensive database, portability, and rapid access to information. I believe that PEPID would be a great reference tool for nurse practitioners in the Emergency Department or a Walk-In Clinic.

Updated March 26, 2001


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